Helpful Links

This page contains some links to online resources that might be helpful to our members and those seeking to learn more about the Scriptures. is an online bible study site associated with Logos Bible Software. Biblia makes 47 different translations available and even some commentaries and other study guides. The site allows you to view resources side by side for easy comparison. Users of the Logos Bible Software can also log in using their Logos account information to access their entire Logos library on the Biblia website. This is a simple, easy-to-use online bible study site. is a bible study website provided by the Citrus Park church of Christ in the Tampa, FL area. The site is designed for the study of the gospel of Luke as well as the book of Acts – both written by Luke to Theophilus. These two books contain the story of Jesus’ ministry as well as the only inspired narrative we have of Christ’s church under the leadership of inspired apostles. The website is simple to use and contains numerous summaries, reading guides, and questions to reflect on. They have also provided videos and audio recordings to accompany the text. is a website run by Mark Copeland of Kissimmee, FL. It contains numerous sermon outlines and study guides addressing both textual and topical studies. Visitors can also enroll in an email-based course of study covering the basics of the gospel. is an online magazine focused on biblical topics. Articles are published every Tuesday and Thursday and the editors often run series on particular topics. Those interested in these articles can subscribe to their email service and receive notifications when new articles are added.

Biblical Insights “is a 32-page gospel journal published monthly. It had its beginning January, 2001, for the purpose of being a medium through which Bible authority could be expressed. Its sole mission is to carry sound work in Biblical studies that able men compose. Our aim is to please God in teaching people the truth. Its pages are filled with quality Bible teaching month after month, and we want you to become a reader of it.” 

Truth Magazine is a monthly publication containing articles focused on various biblical topics and issues facing God’s people today. Their website includes a number of recent articles made available online.

Providing these links does not represent an endorsement of everything on the linked website. As always, compare what is taught to what is written in the Scripture and accept only that which is truth.